IBO Testimonials
  • Facts Tell – Stories Sell!

    Most people have three questions that they need to get answered before they join:

    Is it real?
    Can I do it?
    Will someone help me?

    And who better to answer those questions than other IBOs who asked the very same questions when they were looking at joining the iCB team.

    Here are some of their stories!

    “Jeff, thank you for calling me and giving me the opportunity to join iCB. When I joined back in 2012, I was excited and got started putting people in my group. My group was growing on both sides.. and my LEFT side took off. That was a BLESSING. Some leaders were developing in my LEFT leg and it soon became my POWER leg. So I began to focus on my RIGHT leg or PAY leg. I got it up to 60 people and the growth stalled. My father became critically ill and I lost focus for a while. My father passed away in late Feb. and I started to evaluate life in general. I realized that this iCB business was still around and even improving on a daily basis. My Power leg was growing everyday and I still had 60 people on my right PAY leg.

    On APRIL 3rd… I got BUSY. I sponsored over 5 people and started helping them sponsor people. Because of that activity, on Thursday April 11th I earned $287.50, just that day alone, and the total group size on my PAY leg was 301 people.

    My PAY leg grew 241 people in 8 DAYS!

    I wanted to share this with you to maybe share with others that THIS WORKS!!!!

    Things may not be growing as fast as you would like ….but stay plugged in…NEVER QUIT!!!

    Just Get 2… and then Help them get 2 and follow the system..GET 2, TEACH, COACH, MENTOR.

    If people will follow their upline’s SYSTEM and do a 3 way call with EVERY new person that gets in, YOU WILL have success!
    Thank you for ALL that YOU do…THIS is AWESOME!!!”

    Jimmy Hodges, Texas

    “I joined and purchased the Travel Club Membership as a favor to my dad. He was really excited about this and I wanted to support him.

    And let me tell you what happened…

    I tried the travel service and I saved over $300 on a Cobos trip and $100 on a Vegas trip and I was hooked. I started talking to all of my friends about joining the Travel club through iCB because of the great savings.”

    Lin, Arizona

    “When my buddy Mark called me up and pitched me this program, I thought it sounded almost too good to be true… You know, one of those deals that are all hype; all smoke and mirrors. But even though I was little skeptical, I was still hopeful. You see, I was looking for something that would really work… so I joined with an open mind.

    Within my first week, I had over 10 people join in both legs and earned my $25 back and more.


    I’ve never seen anything like this; a real business that offers a real product that the average person can build.

    You don’t need to be a super start to make it BIG with iCB.”

    Doug, Texas

    “I’ve been in a lot of different programs and I’ve never made a dime in any of them. I was actually at a point in my life that I thought I was destined to be average. But when Jeff called me up and asked me if I was open to look at a way to make some money… I said sure. Then he told me about this end-user link system. We weren’t pitching a product or selling a company. We are building our own distribution network that we can move anything and everything through.

    I made over $100 my first month. Now I know that’s nothing to most of you but for me it was exciting.”

    Jim, Illinois

    This is a crazy opportunity, I had over 30 people under me. I am not a Networker; I am a mom, a wife and a friend that referred a few friends and put over $200 in my pocket within my first 30 days.”

    Lori, Iowa

    When my buddy Jim told me to go to his website and watch a short presentation and join for $12.50. I never watched the presentation, I just joined for $12.50 and within a couple days my email in box was flooded with “You’ve got another new member” emails. I then watched the presentation and within the next few days I made over $100.”

    Tim, Missouri