• The right program for 2014!


    This is the right opportunity for these difficult economic times. Everyone needs more money; from the Millennials to the Boomers and everyone in between.


    iClub BIZ has an opportunity that works for everyone whether you are a sales type person or not. Our Turnkey system allows the non-sales type person the opportunity to use professional sales people to do the selling and recruiting for them.


    That’s the iCB program!


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    The I-Club BIZ

    Instead of pitching a product or building a company, I-Club BIZ is building a Team of Individuals who are cooperatively working together to create income through buying power.

    The bigger our team gets, the more buying power we’ll have and that will lead to us getting more products at a better price and that will lead to our team getting bigger!



    Here is how it works

    As a non-sales type person, how would you like to have sales type people selling and recruiting for you?

    Consumable products that have high appeal.

    System that delivers new customers for you.

    Comp plan that rewards you appropriately.

    We have all 3 covered!

    Watch the short presentation to the right to see the details on this unique opportunity.

    Come join the team. You won’t be disappointed.



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