Compensation Plan
  • The iCB Comp Plan is designed for the Masses!

    Our goal when we setup the iCB program was to provide our Independent Business Owners with a long-lasting self generating income that will last the test of time.

    We’ve put together a comp plan that awards people appropriately. It has the right balance of front side and back side money. It provides the new, unsure IBO with a pathway to success and at the same time it meets the financial needs of the top producer!

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    *This is not a guarantee of income. This is just an example of income based on the comp plan.

    1-memberMEMBER Status

    Everyone joins the iCB community as a Member (Customer). You can either become a Member by purchasing any of our products as a paying Customer or you can purchase a Lifetime Membership for only $5.

    Once you become a Member there are NO other requirements to maintain your Member status.

    As a Member you can earn a Referral Bonus (Cash Commissions) on the regular purchases that are made by other Members (Customers) that you have personally referred to our program.

    As a Member you can also purchase some of our products at up to 50% Off Retail.

    We pay in real time!

    Anytime a Commission or a Bonus is paid to our Members, it is deposited into our Member’s eWallet at the time the transaction occurs. The Member can request a check from their eWallet at anytime. We mail out checks daily. Or if the Member’s eWallet accumulates over $200 in available commissions, we will distribute the funds to the Member based on their reimbursement preference.


    2-activated-memberA person is awarded the Active Member Status when they are generating at least $12.50 in personal volume on a monthly basis. (The best way to see to it that you are an Active Member is to setup a monthly autoship.)

    An Active Member who is purchasing at least $12.50 per month will accumulate BV from the purchases of all of the people who are placed in their binary through unlimited levels of depth. (No matter who placed them in your binary, you’ll accumulate their BV.)

    As long as you maintain at least $12.50/mo of personal purchases you’ll bank all BV accumulated in your binary. If you fail to meet this volume requirement for 2 consecutive months, your binary volume will be lost. You’ll always want to stay active with at least $12.50 per month of purchases. That banked volume is worth its weight in GOLD!

    Maintaining your $12.50 Active Member status is the first step to creating financial prosperity. Your $12.50 Active Member status will allow you to
    bank team volume for future compensation. And that banked BV is an asset that you’ll be able to cash in once you start to advance through the ranks. And just as important… since your uni-level payout is based on the number of personally sponsored active Customers/Members it would be a good idea for you to be one too.

    1-memberCash Commissions
    (7 Level Uni-level)

    As an Active Member of iCB you can earn Cash Commissions on the CV* (Commission Value) of the purchases that are made by all Customers/Members in your personal enrollment organization through 7 levels without being required to do any personal purchases themselves.

    You’ll earn these cash commissions based on the number of personally sponsored active customers you have referred. (See chart to the right)

    Personally sponsor 1 Active Customer/Member – earn commissions on your first 2 levels. Personally sponsor 2 Active Customers/Members – earn commissions through 3 levels. Personally sponsor 3 Active Customers/Members – earn commissions through 4 levels. Personally sponsor 4 Active Customers/Members – earn commissions through 5 levels. Personally sponsor 5 Active Customers/Members – earn commissions through 6 levels. Personally sponsor 6 Active Customers/Members – earn commissions through 7 levels.

    Yes, you are seeing this correctly… you only have to personally sponsor 6 Active Customers/Members to earn commissions through 7 levels.

    *Each item that is sold through iCB has a Commission Value based on the margin of profit available.

    And these commissions are compressed, so this could be huge!


    Click to enlarge.


    This is where the fun begins and this is where you want to get to ASAP!

    As a Commission Qualified IBO (An Active Member who has personally enrolled at least 2 Active Members and you have placed at least one of the Active Members in each of your binary teams), you have positioned yourself to make money in the binary comp plan. And by working with your business support team, anyone can accomplish this.

    Get with your upline Builder to strategize on how to get the ball rolling.

    As a Qualified IBO, you are now participating in the iClub BIZ Binary Team Building comp plan and you can start to earn team commissions based on the volume that is generated through unlimited levels of depth, based on your rank.

    Check out the details of the compensation plan below and, if you haven’t enrolled yet,


    Holding Tank

    The Holding Tank allows the Member to strategically build their organization. If the Member chooses the Holding Tank Option, their Personally Sponsored Members do not automatically get placed in the team. They will go to a holding tank for up to 7 days. During this 7 days the Sponsor can strategically place their new Member anywhere they want in their team.

    This Holding Tank also allows you to assign a new sponsor for the Member in your holding tank too!


    As Members join, they’re placed in their sponsor’s Binary Team. Binary means that you will be placed in one of two legs (left or right) in your sponsor’s organization.

    Upline can place members. Click to enlarge.

    Team Commissions: Image 1. Click to enlarge.

    You will then be compensated based on successfully building two legs of your own.

    Your sponsor (or anyone else in your upline) may also place Members in your organization. As your organization begins to grow, you are entitled to Team Commissions (Cycle Bonuses) based on the total BV (Business Value) generated on your lesser volume leg. (See Image 1 on left.)

    Team Commissions: Image 2. Click to enlarge.

    Team Commissions: Image 2. Click to enlarge.

    BV is generated from the products and services that are purchased and sold by Members who have been placed in your team. All products are assigned a BV based on the profit margin of the product. Since we pay out a 40% Cash Commissions (7 Level uni-level) on all regular purchases and we also have a 70% matching bonus payout for the Team Building Bonus, we will allocate approximately 25% of the CV of the product purchase to BV.

    As a Qualified IBO (An Active Member with at least $12.50 of personal purchases within the last 30 days and who has personally enrolled at least 2 Active Members and you have placed at least one of the Active Members in each of your binary teams), you will earn a $12.50 Cycle Bonus every time you accumulate 75 BV in your lesser leg and on every 75 BV thereafter (Image 2, on the right).

    For example, if you have 3,000 BV on your right leg and 1,500 on your left leg, your Cycle Bonus check will be $250 (20 Cycles x $12.50 = $250). The used sales volume is subtracted from both legs and if you have unused volume, it will carry over to the next pay period and be paid as soon as you accumulate the minimum 75 BV on your lesser leg.

    The max weekly Cycle Bonus Earnings to all IBOs are paid out based on the “IBO Rank” and personal purchases as shown below.




    To further reward our IBO leaders, we have created the Team Match program. This program allows you to earn a percentage match on the Cycle Bonuses paid to the IBOs you personally sponsor, the IBOs they personally sponsor and so on…up to five generations of leaders (Producer Qualifiers) in your personal enrollment tree. As your Rank increases, so does the number of generations on which you can be paid a Team Match.

    You may earn a Team Match not only on Producers and up found in each of your personal enrollment tree legs, but also on IBOs at the Qualified, Director and Builder Rank as well. A generation ends when a qualified leader (Producer and above) is found, regardless of the depth. The Team Match has unlimited width. Therefore, in order to maximize your income, you should strive to continue advancing to higher leadership levels as well as personally sponsoring more Members, thereby creating more personal enrollment tree legs on which you can earn a Team Matching Bonus.


    And since we are paying out a 70% match and since the Matching Bonuses are compressed, the Matching Bonuses could make you more money than any other part of the comp plan.


    Click to enlarge.


    All IBOs that maintain the rank of Executive for 3 consecutive months will be awarded an additional business center. This center is placed above their existing center, thus providing these elite IBOs with an opportunity to add to their income with one leg of their Cycle Bonus already established. To earn income on your additional business center, you must maintain the paid-as rank of Achiever (or above) in your original center.






    Getting Paid

    We pay in real time. All commissions (REFERRAL CASH COMMISSIONS – BINARY BONUSES – MATCHING BONUSES) are deposited into your eWallet at the time the volume is generated.

    You can request a check from your back office at anytime. We send out checks 4 to 5 business days after the request. (This is to cover any cancellations or refunds.) If there is a refund, the amount of the withdrawal will be adjusted to cover the refund.

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