Dare to Compare
  • Here is what happens when you have a business
    model that has been designed for the Individual
    Is the business model based on the non-sales type person?

    Other programs pitch products which depicts a sales position

    95% of the people don’t like sales – only 5% like Sales.

    We’ll attract the whole market and the other programs will only attract the sales type people.

    We’re building a team of individuals who are cooperatively working together to create income through buying power.

    We’re not pitching a product or promoting a company; we’re building a distribution network.

    The bigger the network gets the more products we’ll have and the better deals we’ll have. And the better deals we’ll have, the more members we’ll get.

    People don’t really sell in i-Club BIZ; people buy

    We’re building a network of end-users who all buy stuff and we’re making money off what they buy.

    Now, how many of you think it would be easier to build a team of people who buy stuff over building a group of sales people selling stuff?

    That’s why we’ll penetrate deeper than anyone else.

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    Is the business model based on creating no financial stress for its members?

    The average person gives up in network marketing because they lose their belief that they can get to break even.

    Failure seems to be built into these other programs that have an expensive required monthly autoship because of the financial stress that is felt by the member.

    Even though the monthly autoship products that these other programs promote are great products, the average person doesn’t have the extra $100 per month laying around to pay for them and that creates financial stress.

    With our program, you can lock in and activate your position for only $25/mo and with the Automated Downline Builder Program our Members not only believe they can get to breakeven, they actually believe they can make some money with us. And then guess what happens? Our Members don’t feel any financial stress at all.

    In fact, our members actually feel good about this whole thing.

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    Is the business model based on core product lines that have high consumer appeal?

    One of the challenges that Network Marketing people face is the fact that most Network Marketing company’s product lines are narrow in scope and they’re designed as a premium product.

    Now the reason that is a problem is most Network Marketing Companies require a rather healthy monthly autoship and with a narrow product line the Network Marketer ends up stockpiling product because they don’t consume the products fast enough. (Creating Consumer Stress)

    With our multiple product program, a member can lock in and activate their position with a very consumer friendly $25 per month volume requirement. When you add in the diverse line of products and the low volume requirement, there is never any Consumer Stress placed on our members.

    And to top it off, we offer a 30-day 100% money back guarantee!

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    Does the business model have a system for market expansion that anyone can do?

    iClub BIZ has partnered with a personal development organization and an online marketing organization that will assist our IBOs in building their business. The personal development organization will focus on helping your IBOs become the person they need to become to achieve their dreams and the marketing organization will focus on teaching your IBOs how to build a self generating automated marketing system that will provide an endless flow of qualified new IBOs.

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    Is the business designed for you to be successful without being a product expert?

    The key to growth in any network marketing company is in the new member’s first 30 days.

    Most people spend those first 30 days learning all about the products that their network marketing company is pushing and the 30 days pass and they have nothing to show for their time other then they are now educated. The world is full of over educated under motivated people and network marketers are included in that group.

    If you can get this next part you can change your life.

    Once our member realizes that we are NOT pitching a product or promoting a company; once they realize we are building a team of individuals who are cooperatively working together to create income through buying power, they realize that all they have to do is build the network of people who buy stuff and the products will come.

    Here is the key nugget; our Builders will start to bring in new IBOs right away because they understand this principle and our Buyers will want to focus on the products before they talk to anyone but since we have the ADB…, the buyers will purchase an ADB right away and that will lead to everyone bringing in new IBOs right away.

    When you build a network of people who buy stuff instead of a sales organization, you will attract more people and that is what we do…; we build our network and people buy stuff.

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    Is the business model designed for the future?

    When you look at a business plan one of the first things you need to look at is how they are positioned for the future.

    Most Network Marketing Companies are product based. They originated with a function of moving a specific product to the consuming public.

    Now that is well and good but here is the reality. Less than 3% of the new products that will get introduced in the marketplace this year will actually make it and for the ones that do make it, they’ll have a 5 to 7 year life cycle until competitors come into their space and commoditize the category.

    i-Club BIZ doesn’t promote any one specific product, we build a distribution network that we’ll plug high demand products into.

    Whatever is hot, we’ll be marketing. But the focus is not on the specific products, it’s on building a business that will move anything and everything.

    Our battle cry is “If you build it, they will come.”

    If you build the network, the products will come.

    What would you rather do?

    Build a product based business to only have it disintegrate after 5 years and be forced to do it again only to have the same results?

    Or build a distribution network onetime that sells everything?