Travel Program
  • With iCB you can take advantage of the
    $7.5 Trillion Dollar Travel Industry!

    We have a very unique Travel Club that offers our members an opportunity to become their own Travel Agent.

    How can you say no to this?

    For a onetime fee of only $25 we’ll set you up as a Travel Agent! You’ll get Travel Agency rates and a commission on the reservations that you book on your travel agent booking engines. Plus… we’ll pay you a 25% commission on every $25 travel club member that you refer.

    Plus we have a way for you to get overrides on the reservations that are booked by other travel agents in your team as well as overrides on the travel clubs that are sold by other people in your team too!

    Click to the right to watch an overview of our program!

    The Extreme Savings Travel Club and the Travel Agent Program is just one of the companies that iCB has contracted with to assist the IBOs.