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    The iClub BIZ System

    Building a successful Network Marketing Business is just a numbers game… with the right attitude.

    You have to be willing to kiss a lot of frogs to find your princess / prince. If you have an attitude of confidence that you will find your princess/prince… you won’t think about kissing the frogs.

    Our System will do the frog kissing for you.

    Our system starts off by making available quality raw leads that you can load into your bulk-mailer. Once you get the bulk-mailer setup, the bulk-mailer will send out invitation emails to the prospects.

    Our System will do the sifting, sorting and starting for you.

    In order to be successful you must be part of a system whereby recruiting (finding Producers) never stops. A “SYSTEM” is a set of activities repeated over and over again. “When a team follows a system, people follow the team”.

    This system is marketed exclusively through iCB. You can setup your monthly subscription by clicking above.
    You can cancel at any time by clicking on the Cancel button from your back office.