Live Broadcast
  • With iCB’s 3 Pillars you can lay the foundation
    for a self-generating, sustainable, expanding
    income that can bring your dreams to a reality!

    Unless the company’s program is based on High-Demand, High-Impact Products that the Consuming Public will embrace and purchase on an ongoing basis long after they are done building, you are just pitching a money game that won’t last.

    Unless the Comp Plan has a proper balance of front-side & back-side money, you’ll never keep the people active long enough to create sustainable income.

    Unless you have a System that your people can plug into to help them become the person they need to become to get their dreams, you’ll never build a big business.

    And unless you have a System that you can plug your people into to help them generate qualified prospects, you will constantly be replacing your people.

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    This is not a guarantee of income. This is merely an example of income based on our comp plan. Your success will be dependent upon what you do. There is no purchase requirement to become an IBO.